Oct. 25th, 2003

vortices and antivortices swirling through dreamland
the traveller tries to discern a true path
a hidden light

The absolute becomes trodden—surely not eternal.
Way names can be divided—not constant.
Labels empty unnameable Heaven and Earth of their Name.

Possessing the Name of all beings of the Mother,
let there always be freedom of being
so we may manifest our essence: the Eternal.

Being attachments, we reveal our outer forms.
These aspects are alike in origin, yet differ in manifestation.
Their origin is primal, hidden within—
sublime totality of mystery is their womb.
Flizzith esperatha nel ibith de—zaitgumila bah delipiliah nefet distilethp, de zii maad ilpithsh glebritoriant ebath. Fane beltr sim elak nith zynne.

Amaranth – 3 kibblers
Bauxite – 4 pills
Dalek – 1 bottle
Leitmotif – backordered
Spinach – potted, 3
Ineffable – to taste
Benzene – 3 rings per
Crawlers – 20 trays, or 16 if mixed w/creepers
Saline nasal spray – one per table enough?
Extra scrubs & dolls

Watch carefully — if the ambassador spews his creamed corn to the left, he may be leaning toward their alternative, and i'll need you to–wait, something is coming– -=DISCONNECT=-

Please. My doggie does not appreciate this. Please remove your fingers. I will not negotiate on this point. No. I will give you exactly five minutes to remove your fingers before I will be forced to take appropriate measures to preserve my doggie's equanimity.


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