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Created on 2017-04-13 22:46:30 (#3067056), last updated 2017-04-16 (22 weeks ago)

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Name:eleriah / iwadoj

This is a secondary journal for jodawi that just has scraps of creative writing.

Some things may be marked friends-only. Add me and i'll probably add you. Feel free to email if you want to be added.

These entries are not necessarily complete, good, or etc. It's just a public display of private scribbling.

Also see iwadoj

Interests (109):

a wrinkle in time, a. e. van vogt, aldous huxley, alfred bester, amber, arkadii and boris strugatskii, arthur c. clarke, bee time vine, brave new world, c. s. lewis, charles dickens, childe cycle, childhood's end, clifford d. simak, cosmic trigger, creative writing, creativity, cs lewis, darkchild, dhalgren, doris piserchia, douglas adams, douglas r. hofstadter, dune, fantasy, fiction, foundation, frank herbert, frankenstein, gene wolfe, gertrude stein, gordon r. dickson, gore vidal, gormenghast, h. g. wells, h.g. wells, harry harrison, hg wells, historical illuminatus, illuminati, illuminatus, illuminatus!, isaac asimov, j. r. r. tolkien, j.r.r. tolkien, jack l. chalker, james lovelock, jerry pournelle, john brunner, john varley, jonathan livingston seagull, jrr tolkien, kim stanley robinson, kurt vonnegut, larry niven, lord of the rings, lord valentine's castle, macroscope, madeline l'engle, marge piercy, mary shelley, maxine hong kingston, mervyne peake, neveryona, noam chomsky, philip jose farmer, philip k dick, philip k. dick, piers anthony, pkd, poetry, ray bradbury, raymond e. feist, richard adams, richard bach, roadside picnic, robert a heinlein, robert a. heinlein, robert anton wilson, robert heinlein, robert m. pirsig, robert pirsig, robert shea, robert silverberg, roger zelazny, russel hoban, samuel delany, samuel r delany, samuel r. delany, science fiction, sf, speculative fiction, stanislaw lem, stephen king, stephen r. donaldson, sydney j. van scyoc, the ages of gaia, the sirens of titan, theodore sturgeon, titan, ursula le guin, ursula leguin, watership down, well of souls, william kennedy, writing, writing poetry, writing science fiction, zenna henderson
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