Oct. 5th, 2003

I walk along a trail of light, feeling the wet growths around me in the darkness. Black naked footsteps silhouette against the phosphoresence. They know the path, and i don't worry about running into anything.

My feet know the path, but i don't. How many times have i walked it, and where does it lead to?


Some memory gone; assume result of hostile action. Body appears to have been functioning without consciousness for extended period of time; assume captured and given slave implant. Avoid trying to control body or alter routines. Consciousness restored; mechanism unknown. No recent surgery apparent. No assumptions.

Body status. Healthy. Nothing missing. No obvious injuries. Weight low. Hair uncut. Ate recently. Sex recently. Infrequent or minimal bathing. Naked. Muscles atrophied some. Reflexes atrophied.

So: machine operator in slave colony, possibly mining, possibly breeding, probably walking to assignment from colony. No others nearby–sparse operation, or catastrophic incident at colony. Slave implant still present but now subject to conscious override. Tracking serial number likely, possibly not monitored.

Now the scary part...mind status.

Memories...nothing immediate. Name... blank. Family... homeworld... assignment... organization... blank, wiped. Try to bypass simple wiping.

'Ex-lover'... stranger's face, no decorations, small dark body, female, right hand stirring food, left hand malformed and not being used, simple clothing, hair uncut.

'Fought with'... blank.

'Died'... died. Get away.

'Teacher'... same face. Get away.


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