Jun. 4th, 2003

"The entire universe can be described by a single, elegant equation.
Physicists are on-track for discovering the final pieces of the puzzle.
This equation they are seeking is a Theory of All the Universe, so i'll
call it 'TAU'. (Normally one would use Theory of Everything, or TOE,
but there's no convenient Greek letter 'toe'.)

The universe is composed of various real, distinct things,
such as matter and energy, which are interrelated.
To know the pieces and how they relate to each other is to
know (in principle) the whole. In practice, there is an
element of randomness to quantum mechanics, so the universe
is not really deterministic except in a statistical sense.

Essential to understanding the full nature of the universe is
to name and categorize the components, breaking things up into
a conceptual hierarchy such as "molecule", "atom", "quark",
"strong force", "weak force", "gravitation", etc.

There is nothing essentially mysterious about the universe,
other than the fact that we haven't gotten all of the pieces
in place yet.


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