Jan. 20th, 2003

In time, the Laloian Empire grew to encompass vast swaths of bison, and plentiful herds of corn and beans. Ancient forests of cow, horse, and chicken teemed with quinoa and other game plants, and the things of the Empire prospered. But while many good things continue forever, such was not the case with Laloia. The change was dramatic at first—everything could see it clearly—but as it grew more familiar it became more subtle, more hidden. The comfort and lifeforce of the dark stormclouds departed, leaving a barren and dead sky of hot blue. The forests grew gaunt and irritable, and the gameplants often refused to play. The corn herds grew festering crop circles and squares. A swarm of people slowly crept across the bison, displacing the things, often getting naked and stomping in mud. "Mush-push! Mush-push!" they humans sang as the night rose on the end of Laloia.

[Nebu's ending]

And with the humans came their leader, a mighty battle cat, slaying serpents and toes and getting treats and from the adoring masses. Laloia had come to an end, but Nebuia was just beginning. And there was never ever thunder. Ever.

[Quarky's ending]

And then wise Prince Quarky reigned in comfort, and mean cats were banished, and there were lots of pretty crunchy birds everywhere. Quarky napped.

[Scaredy Neighbor Cat's ending]

And then like the um it all went backward and unhappened and everything was good and there were no other kitties especially not mean ones like (quarky) and (nebu) and i got lots of pets and everyone loved me and nobody made loud noises or approached too quickly and there was little bugs everywhere to pounce on and people to praise me and and and


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